Toy Theatres of the World lifts a curtain and lays out before your eyes the magical world of toy theater

"Toy Theaters of the World" is a like a shop window stuffed with all the things we love in the world of toy theater.
By Peter Baldwin,

This beautiful book, lovingly written by a toy theater lover who grew up to become a popular actor, belongs on every toy theater lover's bookshelf.

"This extensively illustrated book is the first publication in English to cover the subject of toy theatres worldwide," we're told on the dust jacket, and lucky we are our Founding Fathers spoke English as their tongue.

This treasure brims with the passion of its author and lavish color photographs (and black-and-white) of a world we love. It's all here: "Toy Theatre of England;" "Papiertheater in Germany;" to Dukketeater in Denmark;" "The Kindertheater in Austria;" "Imagerie Français;" "Other Continental Variations;" and "North America."

A sprinkled throughout are the names synonymous with toy theatre: William West, Benjamin Pollock, J. S. Schreiber, and the gifted designer of exquisite proscenia, Theodor Guggenberger.
There's even a wonderful chapter on G. K. Chesterton and his toy theater play George and the Dragon!

But the most moving image of all in this wonderful book for me is the photo of the author's first toy theater: Benjamin Pollock 1946 Regency Theatre.

I wish I still had mine... But I'll just have to settle for a copy of Peter Baldwin's book.

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