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We are pleased to inform you of new Premium Downloads now available at the Paper Model Kiosk:


THE EGYPTIAN NATIVITY: This early-1900s vintage German fold-out nativity from the Crèchemania Collection is now available as a Premium Download. The four glorious layers create a marvelous 3-Dimensional crèche include the manger — with Mother and Child, Joseph, and adoring Angel — the Magi and Shepherds, the star-sprinkled Background, and a most beguiling Front featuring a trellis-laden straw roof and an Egyptian acolyte attending a the King of the East with a colorful peacock fan.

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THE BYZANTINE NATIVITY: A priceless icon of The Nativity from Mt. Athos, the Holy Mountain in Greece, inspired this fold-out Byzantine Nativity, and it took 10 letter-sized sheets to fit in all its wonderful scenes. Adapted from the Gospel of NIcephoros Phokas in the collection of the Great Lavra Monastery, The Nativity unfolds in seven arched panels. This Byzantine Nativity includes all the traditional elements of the Byzantine iconographic tradition of The Birth of Christ.

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THE NATIVITY TRIPTYCH: The ingenious construction of this Premium Download creates a 3-dimensional nativity from a single, letter-sized, sheet. A five pointed Star of Bethlehem shines above, palms and a straw roof drape the manger, and Magi adore the Newborn Child cradled in His mother's arms. A sheet of cellophane gives the arched windows — and the gable window — a vintage look.

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LorileeA NEW FREE DOWNLOAD — SVATAVA CRÈCHE NO. 5: From the prodigious collection — and gifted brush — of Svatava Vizinová comes this Free Download of a beguiling paper nativity for you to print, cut out, and display. Svatava Crèche No. 5 features folk costumes, a layering of colors, artistic playfulness, and a fine rendering of lines found in podmalby — reverse-glass painting — one of Svatava's specialties. In the 18th and 19th centuries, podmalby flowered in Bavaria, Moravia, Slovakia, and Bohemia, home to Svatava's Zábrdské Betlémy Museum.

Svatava Crèche No. 5 consists of three sheets, (shown at left), and features shepherds — holding braided bread, a lamb, and playing music on a reed intrument — adoring the Christ Child. Above heavenly clouds encircle a Gloria Angel, and the Bethlehem Star shines, and below, Joseph and Mary kneel in front of the Christ Child.

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