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  1. Christmas 2017 Crèche Free Download

    A Free Download for you and yours to enjoy!  
    The Christmas 2017 Crèche is simple to make — and a joy to give! How long has it really been, dear fellow enthusiasts, since you last heard from me?

    No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, but you could say I traveled to the other side of the world: to Australia, where I photographed the luminous stained glass windows St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, for my book.

    From ...
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  2. A Christmas triptych's golden glow

    At 30.5 x 20 inches, this large backlit crèche fills the room with a golden glow.  
    A much smaller backlit crèche, lit with a battery-powered flickering candle. It measures 20 inches high and 30.5 inches wide, and it fills the room with its golden glow, the closest thing to a beautiful, sun-lit, stained glass window in the gray Midwest winter days.

    How this large, fragile — the image is cigarette-paper thin — survived intact is a mystery.
    Alexis' Blog
  3. Wondrous Christmas Crib

    A marvelous vintage German paper nativity glows — and mesmerizes with its revolving star…

    The Wondrous Christmas Crib glows, and its Bethlehem Star turns by the slight heat generated by the small five-watt bulb inside.

    The Wunder-Weihnachtskrippe, circa end of the 19th century. I can't be sure how long this large brown envelope (shown at left) has been in my collection. All I know is that every time I've run into it when looking for a paper ...
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  4. Wild Rose Nativity

    Let's be grateful that the flame that ate through the back wall of its manger didn't totally consume the Wild Rose Nativity…

     The charming Wild Rose Nativity. Rollover the image above with your mouse to see a side view. 

     A candle flame burned through the original manger of the Wild Rose Nativity. Rollover the image above with your mouse to see the Crèchemania color-corrected reconstruction. What to do when a stunning nativity in your collection ...
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  5. Celso's Crèche: a beautiful Free Download

    A single sheet, four folds, an interlocking roof—and Celso's Crèche can be added to your collection! Oh, did we say, "Free Download?"  
    The printed image shows the paper nativity's simplicity. Has it seemed that I have fallen off the edge of the earth?

    Well, I did, spending many months with family Down Under. Sydney is just 9 hours from Hawaii, where I finished photographing my upcoming book, and I couldn't resist.

    And now that I'm ...
    Alexis' Blog
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