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    Mother and Child, detail from the vintage Christmas Diorama "The Nativity," courtesy of Carolyn Loshbaugh.
    Crechemania.com Enthusiast Carolyn Loshbaugh shares with us a vintage nativity sheet featuring 13 pieces that you can cut-out and arrange as a nativity scene in any way you like.

    Carolyn says, "I have had a love of all kinds of paper since I was a small child. Cutting, pasting, folding, graphics, textures, colors, art, all are an integral part of who I am.

    "What would I do without X-Acto Knives, trimmers, paint and rulers?"

    Carolyn's nativity is available in two, 360 dots-per-inch versions: 15 x 10 inches, and 11 x 7.33 (that will nicely fit on a single sheet of paper).

    One of them should be perfect for you!

    You'll also enjoy reading Carolyn's profile in our Enthusiasts pages. "I am a collector and creator at heart. I appreciate so much the artistic talent of ancient, vintage, and modern artists.

    "Our ability to create is what God meant when He said we were created in His image. All our creativity delights God, I believe, and creating something beautiful that honors Him, like the crèches, is almost a form of worship and respect."

    Quadros del Rosario, Rosary Boxes Nativity, from Spanish Enthusiast Antonio Garcia...
    Quadros del Rosario Nativity
    From Spain comes another exciting addition to our Free Downloads, courtesy of Antonio Garcia.

    You'll be able to print this colorful 12.5 x 8.5 inches sheet at — count 'em! — 300 dots-per-inch! Your printed sheet is sure to rival the vintage original.

    So, perform a printer cartridge head cleaning, insert matt-double sided paper (for extra strength) in your printer, and hit our Free Downloads page.

    Thank you Carolyn and Antonio!

    Then hit "print."