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This 1950 Greek fatni spoke to me from a store window�

What is it, exactly, about these paper constructions that so enchant us?

Known as nativities, cr�ches, cribs, mangers, papierkrippe, bel�n, or f�tnes, to enthusiasts they really mean only one thing: a beautiful depiction of The Nativity that captivates the heart.

Cr� is devoted to the art of transorming that most pedestrian of media � paper � into an an object of beauty imbued by a timeless message.

But Cr� is so much more than that. It�s a community of afficionados that spans the globe. A wonderful group of generous nativity collectors who share their favorite cr�ches in Cr�chemania�s Downloads pages. It�s the magic carpet of my Blog that takes you to St. Petersburg, to admire a masterpiece of The Nativity; to Sioux City, Iowa, to be enthralled by the stained glass windows of the Cathedral of the Epiphany; nativity hunting in Berlin�s Gemaldegallerie or New York�s Metropolitan Museum of Art; priceless icons of The Nativity of the Byzantine and Western traditions; videos and music of the of Nativity that are sure to capture your heart�

But, perhaps, most important of all, Cr� is all about you, who are about to discover the paper nativity and the joy of creating with your hands�

It�s all here, especially for you. Just click one of the links at left � and begin a remarkable journey through the Cr�chemania Universe!

� Alexis

P.S. We�d love to hear from you: whether you�d just like to say, �Hello,� or share a nativity with all of your new friends, just click Contact Us (top of page). I�m very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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