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A Premium Download & a quality 13 x 19 glossy Nativity Sheet ink-jet printed on professional heavyweight paper.

With excitement and a sense of great anticipation we open the doors of the, a virtual emporium for lovers of nativities and paper models.

Nativity and paper model enthusiasts always ask, "Where do I find�" Now, you know.

Cr� has been dedicated to the appreciation of paper nativities, and with the Paper Model Kiosk that appreciation extends to other beautiful paper models, like those charming little houses intended for model railroaders but that are so ideally suited as Christmas ornaments. Just click on Buildings at left.

You'll also want to see all our brand-new Premium Downloads, High Definition files of vintage nativities for you to download and print. Our initial Premium Downloads offering includes antique nativities from the Cr�chemania Collection that you just might find irresistible.

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