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Coconuts Nativity
A Printed Sheet of the Coconut Nativity whose manger is framed by coconut trees.
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Small Angels Nativity
Angels kneel at the manger in this Premium Download fold-out nativity that you print, cut out, and assemble.

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Printed Sheets
Angels Nativity Sheet
Posted Nov 14, 2011 , Courtesy Crèchemania (14048 views)
Even a child an make this simple little nativity! No matter its small size (4.75 x 3.50 x .75 inches) the Angels Nativity's three layers create a nice dimensional effect: there's the front, with its two angels kneeling in front of the Mother and Child; the middle layer shepherds and a lamb; and the manger, with Magi and sheep. You could even cut out the window panes and add cellophane, but that's strictly optional. Read more...

Printed Sheets
Bohemian Nativity Sheet
Posted Dec 11, 2011 , Courtesy Crèchemania (23958 views)
This 13 x 19 quality sheet is beautiful. So it's no wonder that recently a similar vintage diecut was sold for $270. But you won't have to pay anywhere near that price for your Crèchemania Bohemian Nativity Sheet! Ink-jet printed using fade-resistant UltraChrome inks on professional heavyweight paper, it's perfect for card modeling. Read more...

Brandyská (Brandy's) Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 14, 2010 , Courtesy Milan Zábranský — 4,931 Downloads; PDF; 24.5 MB (49045 views)
Beguiling "advertising" sheets were given away for free in the Czech Republic, but there was a catch: product placement—even in the hands of the Magi! Read more...

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Letters, Downloads & Nativity Sheets
Candle Nativity
Posted Jun 22, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (8959 views)
This old black-and-white engraving's primitive, charming look is delightful enough. But the addition of color just might add a new dimension—and make it a fun project for a child or the whole family. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Carolyn's Vintage Diorama Nativity
Posted Jun 8, 2010 , Courtesy Carolyn Loshbaugh — 3,121 Downloads; JPEG; 15.8 MB (553336 views)
Carolyn Loshbaugh shares with us a vintage "Christmas Diorama." The 13 figures of the original sheet were scored so that they could be pressed out, but on this Free Download you'll need your scissors or X-Acto knife — but no glue: tabs hold pieces together and upright. Read more...
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Nativity Sheets
Casa Editrice Carroccio Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 21, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (11811 views)
With vivid colors and superb artwork, this nativity to cut out and assemble was issued in three sheets by Casa Editrice Carroccio, Milan, circa 1950. Read more...

Cuadros del Rosario Nativity Sheet
Posted May 19, 2010 , Courtesy Antonio Garcia Escudero — 2,699 Downloads; JPEG; 8.8 MB (54593 views)
From Spain, courtesy of Enthusiast Antonio Garcia, here's a colorful vintage nativity sheet, "Cuadros del Rosario," Rosary Boxes. The Adoration of the Shepherds is pictured in bright colors and simple lines, easy for even children's hands to cut-out and assemble… Read more...
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Czech Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 14, 2010 , Courtesy Milan Zábranský — 2,692 Downloads; JPEG; 27.6 MB (38640 views)
Brightly dressed in their folk costumes men, women, and children approach the stable in this vintage Czech nativity sheet from the collection of Milan Zabransky. Could the capital letters "VRBAK" on the lower right hand corner denote the artist? Read more...

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Nativity Sheets
Dove Nativity
Posted Jun 23, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (7690 views)
Surely one of the most stunning nativity sheets, the Dove Nativity was printed in Italy, in three sheets, and contains a superb manger and beautiful figures. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Egyptian Crèche Nativity Sheet
Posted Jul 19, 2011 , Courtesy Crèchemania (12549 views)
This early-1900s vintage German fold-out nativity from the Crèchemania Collection is now available as a brilliant large-size (13 x 19 inches) nativity sheet. A fine quality ink-jet print using fade-resistant inks on professional media matte paper, the Egyptian Nativity Sheet assembles into a marvelous 3-Dimensional crèche. It features the Manger — with Mother and Child, Joseph, and adoring Angel — the Magi and Shepherds, the star-sprinkled Background, and a most beguiling Front featuring a trellis-laden straw roof and an Egyptian acolyte attending the King of the East holding a colorful peacock fan. Read more...

Czech Promotional Paper Nativities
Posted Jun 15, 2010 , Courtesy Milan Zábranský 0 Downloads; (9003 views)
Franck-Perola, a company in Pardubice selling coffee substitutes, created this stunning nativity as a Christmas give-away featuring its product. Read more...

Printed Sheets
Gothic Arch Nativity Sheet
Posted Dec 5, 2011 , Courtesy Crèchemania (18185 views)
A high-quality 13 x 19 inch sheet, ink-jet printed on professional media paper, the Gothic Arch Nativity is topped by an angel, the words, "Gloria in Excelis Deo," and a bell tower — is the setting for this charming paper nativity Premium Download painted in an endearing, folk art style, The Child, cradled and almost hiding on Mary's lap, gazes out in wonder at the assembled Magi and Shepherds. Above, bells toll the Good News of the Nativity, and — December the 25th or not — on the right, flowers bloom. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Greek Fatni Nativity
Posted May 20, 2010 , Courtesy Crèchemania 0 Downloads; (16872 views)
Painted by N. Neros and first published by Aster in the 1950's, this nativity sheet was considered a treasure when I was growing up in Greece. Tabs attach the figures to the manger and the background, and angels announce, "Glory to God in the Highest!" in Greek. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Gustav Kühn Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 22, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (14697 views)
Issued by Gustav Kühn in Neuruppin, Germany, this nativity sheet has a primitive, hand-colored, look. Just five pieces create a table-top nativity featuring vaulted arches, a tower, and simple drawings. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Hunting Horn Nativity
Posted Jun 22, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (11634 views)
The simple construction of this nativity had children in mind: four folds, and the manger is assembled. The drawings are vibrant, and there's a second walled enclosure provided, whose purpose—construction-wise—is not quite clear. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Italian Presepio, Marca Stella
Posted Sep 14, 2010 , Courtesy Vittorio Pranzini 0 Downloads; (17124 views)
A bright star crowns this Italian crèche, and an angel hovers in a cloud, proclaiming the "Gloria in excelsis Deo!" This nativity sheet is filled by a virtual managerie: ducks, sheep, chickens, a goat, a rabbit, join camels, horses, and a turkey, that you might be tempted to perch high above one of the Ionic columns of the manger. Read more...

Manger Scenes
Posted Jun 13, 2010 , Courtesy Crèchemania 0 Downloads; (11671 views)
A table-top Julekirke (Christmas Church) model from Ballermann & Son of Denmark, becomes the setting for a nativity scene. Have some additional fun by creating your own cellophane Rose Window…. Read more...

Czech Promotional Paper Nativities
Posted Jun 14, 2010 , Courtesy František Karas 0 Downloads; (37655 views)
Given away at Christmas, this nativity sheet features colorful figures in folk costumes—and coffee, the product of the Karo-Franckovka company. Read more...

Czech Promotional Paper Nativities
Kolinská Žitovka
Posted Jun 15, 2010 , Courtesy Jiřina Hánová 0 Downloads; (5931 views)
With names like Housewife Gold and Chicory Cologne a company advertises its four and coffee products in this vintage Czech nativity sheet. Read more...

Czech Promotional Paper Nativities
Kolinská Žitovka II
Posted Jun 15, 2010 , Courtesy Association of Czech Nativity Makers 0 Downloads; (7399 views)
With 24 beautifully illustrated pieces, this Czech advertising nativity sheet from the Kolinská Žitovka company is shared with us courtesy of the Association of Czech Nativity Makers member Bohumil Dusek. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
L' Étable de Bethléem (The Stable at Bethlehem)
Posted Jun 24, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (12194 views)
L' Étable de Bethléem (The Stable of Bethlehem), a vintage sheet by the French L' Imagerie Epinal, features surprisingly sophisticated construction if rather simple artwork. But who cares? The finished effect—with festooned Gothic arches, a slopping roof, and finished construction inside and out—is wonderful. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Lidovy Betlem
Posted Jan 8, 2010 , Courtesy Dagmar Kubastovà Vrkljan 0 Downloads; (19241 views)
This 1953 Kubasta Lidovy Betlém crèche sheet sets the Nativity in a cottage, where Mary, in apron and kerchief, and Joseph, with pipe, rock Baby Jesus. A young boy is putting the finishing touches on a snow man; another fiddels; and a little angel, on rooftop, writes on the snow with his finger: Pokoz lidem dobré vule (Peace to people of Good will)—Peace on Earth. Read more...

Czech Promotional Paper Nativities
Otta Rakovník
Posted Jun 15, 2010 , Courtesy Zdeněk Peer 0 Downloads; (9763 views)
Along with loads of soap which, surprisingly, add a nice—shall we say clean?—look to the assembled Rakovník Promotional Nativity, there are 30 figures to cut-out and arrange, not counting the background or stable. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Posted May 24, 2010 , Courtesy Vittorio Pranzini 0 Downloads; (8207 views)
From the collection of Vittorio Pranzini comes this 1940's Italian nativity sheet featuring a Papyrus column, similar to the those of the Temple of Karnak… Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Perola “Advertising” Nativity Sheet
Posted Mar 13, 2007 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová — 4,026 Downloads; PDF; 58.3 MB (102495 views)
Svatava Vizinová's gift to all paper nativity lovers harkens to my childhood. This beautiful Perola "Advertising" Nativity Sheet reminds me of the ones my father would buy me for few drachmas. Only mine featured incence, frankincense, and myrrh — not flour and coffee, as does this vintage Czechoslovakian nativity sheet… Read more...

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Nativity Sheets
Polychrome Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 21, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (54620 views)
Two sheets make up this nativity that features arches, a colorful tile roof, and handsome figures. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Precepio No. 1
Posted Jun 14, 2010 , Courtesy Vittorio Pranzini 0 Downloads; (6030 views)
This Italian Presepio crèche sheet (Marca Stella, mid-20th century) presents the Nativity in two fogli (sheets): No. 1 (shown above) contains the stable, the Holy Family, the Bethlehem Star, a shepherd, a woman-and-child, sheep, a dog, a woman on a donkey, a man with a spear and two horses, ducks, and—a first in paper crèche history?—a turkey in full display! Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Southwest Nativity for Children from Carolyn Loshbaugh
Posted Jun 10, 2010 , Courtesy Carolyn Loshbaugh — 1,259 Downloads; PDF; 19.6 MB (36235 views)
"About 40 years ago, during my college years in Arizona, I made a number of trips to the Navajo Nation to visit my friend who was a missionary there," says Carolyn Loshbaugh. "I was privileged to see many Navajos still living in their hogans, weaving rugs, shepherding their sheep, and very few of them speaking English. As i pondered these memories, I wondered what a Southwest Nativity might look like…" Read more...

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Svatava Crèche No. 4
Posted Dec 6, 2011 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová — 1,216 Downloads; PDF; 2.8 MB (21449 views)
Reverse-glass painting is one of Svatava Vizinová's specialties, and this Podmaldy tradition of bright colors and folk-art playfulness is evident in her latest offering to our Free Downloads collection. Three sheets created an arched nativity with more colonnaded arches as the background. Setting up is simple: insert the pieces with pin in styrofoam, as Svatava does in her Zabrdské Betlémy Museum, or use the triangular supports provided. Read more...
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Svatava Crèche No. 5
Posted Mar 23, 2011 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová — 2,129 Downloads; PDF; 5.9 MB (767922 views)
From the prodigious collection — and gifted brush — of Svatava Vizinová comes this Free Download of a beguiling paper nativity for you to print, cut out, and display. Svatava Crèche No. 5 features folk costumes, a layering of colors, artistic playfulness, and a fine rendering of lines found in podmalby — reverse-glass painting — one of Svatava's specialties. In the 18th and 19th centuries, podmalby flowered in Bavaria, Moravia, Slovakia, and Bohemia, home to Svatava's Zábrdské Betlémy Museum.

Svatava Crèche No. 5 consists of three sheets, (shown at left), and features shepherds — holding braided bread, a lamb, and playing music on a reed intrument — adoring the Christ Child. Above heavenly clouds encircle a Gloria Angel, and the Bethlehem Star shines, and below, Joseph and Mary kneel in front of the Christ Child.
Read more...
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Nativity Sheets
Timber Frame Nativity
Posted Jun 22, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (8382 views)
Reminiscent of a J. F. Schreiber nativity, this sheet presents The Nativity on a single plane, behind which is attached the timber-frame stable with its thatch roof. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Tyrolean Christmas Crib
Posted Jun 17, 2010 , Courtesy Tiroler Landesmuseen 0 Downloads; (19632 views)
Joseph Bachlechner's 12 postcard-size paper crib sheets, from the Tyrolean State Museums, Innsbruck, are so life-like, you'd think you were looking at 3-dimensional nativity figures—and you could be, since it has inspired many wood-carved nativities. Read more...

Nativity Sheets
Well Nativity
Posted Jun 23, 2010 , Courtesy Svatava Vizinová 0 Downloads; (7519 views)
This 12.25 x 10.25 Italian nativity sheet in one folio is made up of 24 pieces that include a one-piece stable, a woman drawing water from a red tile-roofed well, and an angel blowing a trumpet. Read more...

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