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Annelies de Kort
It's a small, small, small — miniature — world!
Posted Mar 2, 2005 0 Downloads; (7250 views)
So what do you do when you have learned to bobbin lace and designed so many beautiful patterns you just don’t know what to do with? Build a lace shop, of course, just as Annelies de Kort of the Netherlands did—but in miniature! You’ve guessed the next step: miniature creches... Read more...

Carolyn Loshbaugh — Aka Maddie Hobbes or Dolliemouse
A love of creating with paper…
Posted Jun 8, 2010 0 Downloads; (20104 views)
have had a love of all kinds of paper since I was a small child. What would I do without Xacto Knives, trimmers, paint and rulers? Read more...

Celso Battistini C. Rosa
A master of the 3-dimensional nativity diorama
Posted Nov 28, 2007 0 Downloads; (24588 views)
"When I was a child," Celso says, "I simply couldn’t wait to put up the Christmas nativity in our house. I kept asking my Mom if I could start, and she would say, ‘We have to clean the house first... that will take about a month.’ Do you know how long a month is for a child? Nowadays, I smile remembering Christmases past, and I tell my children, ‘We’ll start putting up our crèches even though the house may not be clean!’" Read more...

Elisabetta Gulli Grigioni
Co-Author of Santi Auguri! philosopher, teacher, collector
Posted Aug 22, 2005 0 Downloads; (43864 views)
She holds a degree in literature, but her subject is the human heart. She speaks eloquently about it’scapacity to love, to hate — and to embrace, acting as a manger, if you will, for Christ. And so, heart objects, many featuring the Christ Child, adorn her elegant Ravenna apartment. Come along for a morning visit to the world of this extraordinary philosopher, collector, teacher, and author. Read more...

Forrest Womack
A soldier celebrates Christmas in Iraq with a nativity from home
Posted Dec 10, 2006 0 Downloads; (18618 views)
"I am astonished and awestruck at just how lovely and lovingly detailed this crèche is," writes a young soldier from Iraq, "and I am impatient to see how it will look when I assemble it, having no doubt about its power to inspire…" Read more...

James L. Govan
Author, Collector, Crèche Missionary, Past President of Friends Of The Crèche
Posted May 15, 2008 0 Downloads; (18520 views)
His book, ”Art of the Crèche: Nativities from Around the World,” was just published (Merrell, hardcover, 208 pages) and it celebrates the nativities that Jim and his late wife, Emilia, collected with love, faith, and love of art. Read more...

Judy Davis
A San Franscisco Bay area Collector and Friends of the Creche Vice President
Posted Feb 27, 2005 0 Downloads; (79663 views)
Come on in; Judy Davis is hosting a Creche Open House. Her large picture windows, overlooking San Francisco Bay, let in lots of sunlight that bathes her creche collection in an afternoon golden glow. Judy, and her husband, Bob, are a cosmopolitan couple who love to travel. Thank you both for sharing your prodigious collection of world creches... Read more...

Julian Scicluna
Posted Nov 27, 2007 0 Downloads; (9846 views)
It’s always delightful to hear from crèche afficionados, and even more exciting to have them share their collection. Julian Scicluna of Malta sent us his pop-up Christmas cards… Read more...

Matthew Powell, O.P.
Author of "The Christmas Crèche, Treasure of Faith, Art & Theater"
Posted Dec 31, 2005 0 Downloads; (67769 views)
Father Matthew Powell welcomes us to his world, a quite place, set in a picturesque college campus. It’s filled with prayer, teaching, writing, three-dimensional crèches, icons, and paper nativities. “This collection of paper expresses so much about my life,” Father Matthew says. “My faith; my love of art; my love of the theater; my love of doing things with my hands…” Read more...

Milan Zábranský
Professor Milan and his wife Jana welcome you to Prague
Posted Jan 8, 2006 0 Downloads; (36266 views)
You're heading to Prague to meet a friend-of-a-friend—Milan Zábranský and his wife Jana—and you know you’ll enjoy their company very much. But what you don’t realize is that you’re getting on a plane with destination Crèche Heaven, about to embark on an exhilarating journey: the Prague of Kubasta; the beautiful Czech countryside; and all those marvelous paper, carved, and mechanical Czech nativities... Read more...

Miroslav Vodsedálek
Posted Jan 9, 2006 0 Downloads; (5281 views)
It's one thing to expect a museum-quality mechanical nativity in a museum, but in someone's front parlor? That's a different story. But there it is, occupying most of a room, the proud pocession of its present owner who's eager to share his family heirloom with you… Read more...

Mrs. Poloprutská
A mechanical nativity — in the stable!
Posted Jan 10, 2006 0 Downloads; (4747 views)
In the village of Stara Ves, Milan knocks on Mrs. Poloprutská's door. Actually, it's not her door at all, but the door to her stable! But is there a more fitting place for a nativity — mechanical or otherwise? Read more...

Pat Koogle
Posted Nov 30, 2007 0 Downloads; (8270 views)
"Since my husband's passing," writes Pat Koogle, "and my moving into the house in town I decided to downsize and let others enjoy and share my Christmas items. Of course, the really special ones that meant so much to us both I will always keep and use each year." But guess whom Pat shared some of her other nativities with? Read more...

Rev. Thomas Davies Clay
"A quest to experience the great cathedrals and historic churches of Europe," through travel — and paper models
Posted Feb 4, 2012 0 Downloads;
Five rewarding years spent as a docent at Washington Cathedral — so much beauty, such incredible sacred art — gave the Rev. Thomas Clay an idea. "After one of my Cathedral tours, I came home one day," he says, "and said to my wife, 'I think I'd like to go to England and visit the cathedrals there.' She nearly fell over, but had the plane reservations that night." After his first European trip, Thomas discovered that, "Building models of the cathedrals I was planning to visit enhanced my experience." He's now surrounded by a gallery of beautiful models — and beautiful memories…
Read more...

Rose remembers a nativity left behind…
An anonymous — alas, no last name — crèche lover remembers a nativity left behind
Posted May 23, 2010 0 Downloads; (6268 views)
Then one day I checked out what's new in Crèchemania and there it was — my old crèche staring at me from the web page! The Czechoslovakian Fold-out Nativity… The same red, waxy paper, behind the window and the star, broken on mine, and replaced by a home-made one… Read more...

Spencer and Ryan
A goallie introduces his little brother to the joy of crèche making — and collecting
Posted Dec 23, 2006 0 Downloads; (4685 views)
Well, it's really Spencer who's the enthusiast—when he's not playing hockey—but Ryan is game for anything... Read more...

Svatava Vizinová
She lives amidst the nativities she loves at her Zábrdské Betlémy Crèche Museum in the Czech Republic
Posted Mar 23, 2007 0 Downloads;
You open a large envelope to find not one, not two, but three beautiful nativities—and a wonderful letter from a woman you have never met, who's devoting her life to a paper nativity museum whose visitors "feel a beautiful warmth in their heart…" Read more...

Syler Womack
"A crèche — any crèche — is heaven on earth."
Posted Dec 13, 2006 0 Downloads; (6463 views)
"Whether crèches are old friends, or sparkling new representations," writes Syler Womack, "the heart-breaking Joy is always there — that paradox that makes us want to fall on our knees; on our very faces — and fly with the angels at the same time. Read more...

Vittorio Pranzini
Santi Auguri! Co-Author, Educator, Collector
Posted Aug 24, 2005 0 Downloads; (40989 views)
A former stable for a stately home has been transformed into an airy villa that houses Vittorio Pranzini‘s outstanding collection: the pages of “Santi Auguri!” spring to life as beautiful paper nativities and nativity sheets are spread out for you to enjoy. This soft-spoken, religious man—who has just retired as the Superintendent of Ravenna’s schools—shares his love of presepi di carta, a love he developed as a child, helping his father install his family’s Christmas crib... Read more...

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