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Star of David Miniature Nativity
Premium Downloads
The homonymous star frames this Miniature Nativity Premium Download that measures 3.5 inch wide.
Most Popular Premium Download
Small Angels Nativity
Angels kneel at the manger in this Premium Download fold-out nativity that you print, cut out, and assemble.
Angelic Host Crèche
Revolving angels add a hypnotic effect to this splendid nativity
Cauldron Crèche
An open-air hearth provides the setting for The Nativity
Grecian Urn Nativity
A front door slides down, becoming the crèche floor, and revealing the nativity
Hanging Lamp Nativity
A Magi feathered headdress, a sheep pelt costume for a shepherd

Lantern Nativity
There's a "wow" factor to pop-ups, and the Lantern Nativity is no exception, as it opens up to reveal an eleven-layered nativity scene
L’ Institut Canadien de Québec—No. 14
Beautiful art and great embossing
L’ Institut Canadien de Québec—No. 27
A classic Kubasta pop-up nativity
Nativity Triptych
Fold in the sides, turn the platform and gable up, and you've just "assembled" your Nativity Triptych

Seven-pointed Star Crèche 2
intricate die-cutting and fine embossing
Sickle Nativity
Topped by a thatched gable supported by two trees, an outdoor nativity scene is lit by the light of the Star and a lantern
Swallows Crèche
Vintage German pop-up nativity

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