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Museums & Exhibits
Biennes Center Vojtech Kubasta Exhibition
Celebrating the work of an extraordinary artist
Posted May 29, 2010 0 Downloads; (35483 views)
The Biennes Center of the Literary Arts Vojtech Kubasta (1914-1992) Exhibition. Kubasta's daughter Dagmar Kubastóva Vrkljan, her husband Nick, their daughter Brenda and Ellen G. K. Rubin, aka as the Pop-up Lady, join Biennes Center Librarian James Findlay in celebrating the work of this extraordinary artist. Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
Krkonošské Museum Mechanical Nativity
Home to Jáchym Metelka's (1853-1940) mechanical wonder
Posted May 26, 2010 0 Downloads; (7381 views)
It took Jáchym Metelka (1853-1940) — who founded the Krkonošské Museum in 1891 — 30 years to create his Metelka Mechanical Crib. It reaches to the ceiling and comes to life when set in motion… Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
LUMA Exhibition
The Art of the Crčche: The Collection of James and Emilia Govan
Posted May 23, 2010 0 Downloads; (9445 views)
Today, Jim Govan has added Museum Guide to his titles of collector/author/crčche missionary/Past President of the Friends of the Crčche. But he's not just showing you the exhibition, he's also facing your camera, so he can share his exhibition with crčche enthusiasts… Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
Paseky nad Jizerou
The Brothers Skrabálek Mechanical Crib features lots of dancers
Posted May 26, 2010 0 Downloads; (18383 views)
Life was hard for peasnts — there's a moving photo of two women and and a boy pulling a plow in the museum — so who could blame if the Skrabálek brothers dreamed of dancing? You should see all those couples swirling in their mechanical crib… Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
Starozitnosti Shop
An antique shop full of cribs, clocks, and crockery
Posted May 26, 2010 0 Downloads; (10527 views)
It's not just in every antique shop that you find museum-quality cribs. But the white-washed exterior of Starozitnosti gives no hint of the wonderful wonders to be found inside: lamps, ornate furniture, clocks and cribs… Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
Vlastivedne Museum
Frantisek Hanus Mechanical Nativity
Posted May 26, 2010 0 Downloads; (5648 views)
The Czech village of Vysoké Nad Jiserou is famous for its bakery — delicious walnut bread — and its museum — Jan Metelka's mechanical nativity. Read more...

Museums & Exhibits
Zábrdské Betlémy
Posted Jun 21, 2010 0 Downloads;
In South Bohemia, Svatava Vizinová welcomes crčche enthusiasts to her Zábrdské Betlémy Paper Nativity Museum, filled to the rafters with nativity dioramas, nativity sheets, and hand-painted podmalba glass pictures… Read more...

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