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Stork Nativity Sheet
Create this five-layered paper nativity simply, by cutting out and inserting tabs into slots.
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Small Angels Nativity
Angels kneel at the manger in this Premium Download fold-out nativity that you print, cut out, and assemble.
Brandyská (Brandy's) Nativity Sheet
Posted Jun 14, 2010, Courtesy Milan Zábranský
4,931 Downloads; PDF; 24.5 MB A Free Download!
Beguiling "advertising" sheets were given away for free in the Czech Republic, but there was a catch: product placement—even in the hands of the Magi! Read more...

Milan Zábranský

Posted Jun 15, 2010, Courtesy Milan Zábranský
Franck-Perola, a company in Pardubice selling coffee substitutes, created this stunning nativity as a Christmas give-away featuring its product. Read more...

Milan Zábranský

Posted Jun 14, 2010, Courtesy František Karas
Given away at Christmas, this nativity sheet features colorful figures in folk costumes—and coffee, the product of the Karo-Franckovka company. Read more...

František Karas

Kolinská Žitovka
Posted Jun 15, 2010, Courtesy Jiřina Hánová
With names like Housewife Gold and Chicory Cologne a company advertises its four and coffee products in this vintage Czech nativity sheet. Read more...

Jiřina Hánová

Kolinská Žitovka II
Posted Jun 15, 2010, Courtesy Association of Czech Nativity Makers
With 24 beautifully illustrated pieces, this Czech advertising nativity sheet from the Kolinská Žitovka company is shared with us courtesy of the Association of Czech Nativity Makers member Bohumil Dusek. Read more...

Association of Czech Nativity Makers

Otta Rakovník
Posted Jun 15, 2010, Courtesy Zdeněk Peer
Along with loads of soap which, surprisingly, add a nice—shall we say clean?—look to the assembled Rakovník Promotional Nativity, there are 30 figures to cut-out and arrange, not counting the background or stable. Read more...

Zdeněk Peer

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