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These little houses with decorative fronts—intended as quaint model railroad scenery—also make wonderful Christmas decorations. For that extra-special touch, we've replaced the windows of the House from Hameln with gold cellophane.

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Butchers Guild Hall, Hildesheim
Knochenhauer-Amtshaus, Hildesheim, is considered to be the most beautiful wooden house in the world.
Posted Sep 9, 2010 (10247 views)
Rising over 85 feet high, this towering wooden building looms over the market square in Hildesheim, Germany. Built as the Butchers Guild Hall in the 16th century, it most imposing feature is its immense roof which balloons out as it rises. Its herringbone brick pattern adds a rich texture, complemented by the many colorful guild insignia above the many windows. Read more...

Egyptian House
Visit the time of the Pharaohs and build an Egyptian house whose roof opens to reveal columned rooms
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (8114 views)
History comes alive with the construction of the Egyptian House. The HO scale of 12 inches long, by 9.5 wide, by 4 high allows for fine details and ease of assembly making this a perfect project for a student — or student of history. Read more...

Four Old Town Houses
Overlapping bay towers, overlapping storys, and stepped façades
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (29028 views)
Schreiber-Bogen designers Przemyslaw Tabernacki and Hubert Siegmund have outdone ourselves, including in these Four Old Town Houses corner bay towers, overlapping storys, stepped façades, and staircase balustrades. Read more...

Four Small Buildings
A manor house, a church, two smaller houses
Posted Sep 9, 2010 (37933 views)
A church, a large yellow guest house—its double staircase supported by a vault—a bakery, and a smaller house make up this small building collection. All I can think of is seeing them all hang from the branches of a Christmas tree from golden cords, as decorations. Read more...

Houses from Hameln 2
Add these simple-to-make, lovely houses, to your collection or use them for your model railroad or holiday decor.
Posted Sep 8, 2010 (8408 views)
Add these two beauties to our Hameln houses collection. Ornamental gables, steep, red-tiled roofs, and colorful window flower boxes add to the charm of these small-scale buildings. They're perfect as backdrops for your HO railroad—or on your Christmas tree or as holiday decoration. Read more...

Let’s Make An Old Town!—Set 1
Two houses, and your choice of four fancy fronts, with decorative Baroque and stepped-gable façades.
Posted Sep 7, 2010 (12462 views)
Two houses, a choice of four fancy fronts; decorative Baroque and stepped-gable façades; ideal for HO model railroads or Christmas tree decorations. Read more...

Let’s Make an Old Town!—Set 2
Recess a doorway, or add a dormer or chimney to these charming houses
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (32147 views)
Three unique houses can easily be built with this model by Przemyslaw Tabernacki. The designer who's brought us so many other beautiful buildings in the Let's Make an Old Town! series, also includes dormers, chimneys, even a recessed doorway that you can add to these charming houses. Read more...
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Let’s Make an Old Town!—Set 3
Add the Royal Orchid restaurant and Antiques Centre shop to your railroad scenery, or your Old World house collection
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (36309 views)
Let's Make an Old Town — Set 3 gives you many building options: your choice of three façades — the Royal Orchid restaurant, the Antiques Centre shop, or the Fleischer bar — and nice details like recessed doors, bay windows, and canvas canopies. Read more...

Let’s Make An Old Town!—Set 4
Posted Sep 8, 2010 (7987 views)
Both of these old town houses feature arched arcades, but there the similarities stop. The terra-cotta house's façade is highly decorative, with four Corinthian capitals crowning flat columns. Additional floral ornamentation is just below the top story window, which is decorated with three urns. And, just in case one of these two house fronts—the fancy or the plain gold—does not suit your fancy, there's an extra façade included, featuring two reliefs and a wrought iron lamp. Read more...

Let’s Make an Old Town!—Set 5
Three more houses.
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (13400 views)
Add three more unique houses to your Old Town! You can just about build your own block with homes that feature fancy balconies, decorated window frames, red-tile roofs, dormers, and a passage way to an inner courtyard. Read more...

Let’s Make an Old Town!—Set 6
Spectacular architectural details decorate these two house models that can also be built with two additional façades
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (24876 views)
These two patrician houses feature stepped façades dripping with scrolls, columns with ornate bases and capitals, doorways with carved stone arches, or elaborate wrought iron grills, and sloping slate roofs. What more can you ask for? Maybe two more additional façades, included with the Let's Make an Old Town! — Set 6. Read more...

Romantic Old Mill
Recreate the Old World with this 3-Dimensional model of a water mill
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (19169 views)
The water of the Romantic Old Mill cascades down a chute to power a great wheel that will turn the millstones that will grind the grain. A poor donkey is almost down on its knees due its heavy load, as a man in lederhosen is encouraging its progress. A prancing dog, and a colorful two-and-a-half storey mill make this a stunning model that will teach, and decorate a shelf or a wall. Read more...

Three Old Houses
Steep, red-tiled roofs, brick chimneys, half-timbered construction, and "very simple" to assemble—a winning combination
Posted Sep 7, 2010 (7859 views)
Measuring about 4.5 inches high, these three old houses will add an old-world charm to your Christmas or model railroad decor. With steep, red-tile roofs, half-timber fronts, and arched windows and doorways, they will stand beautifully by themselves—or in an arrangement with other Schreiber-Bogen small-scale houses. Read more...

Two Houses from Celle
Decorative half-fan motifs and steep red roofs and dormers are just a few of the special touches of these historic houses
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (10313 views)
These storybook houses from the enchanting town of Celle, Germany, are just two of the hundreds of historic half-timbered houses dating from the 16th-18th centuries. With half-fan decorative motifs and steep roofs and dormers they are simple to build and enjoy. Read more...

A hipped roof, timber-framed construction, and large water wheel create an appealing 3-Dimensional model.
Posted Dec 29, 2010 (46278 views)
With a triangular hipped gabled roof, and red tiles, this Watermill features timber-framed construction — typical of old German farmhouses — and a large water wheel that turns the millstones. A long ramp passes over what would have been the water canal, source of the mill's green energy. Read more...


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