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Volume 1, No. 1: News about our New Premium and Free Downloads

Volume 1, No. 2: The Boughs of Holly Free Download; The Thurible No. 8, Bethlehem and Straw Roof Premium Downloads; Crèchemania Crèche Collection 2.

Volume 1, No. 3: Brand-new Free & Premium Downloads

Volume 1, No. 4: Miniature Nativities!

Volume 2, No. 1: The Forum is now open; a new miniature

Volume 2, No. 2: Free Downloads — The Christ Child and St. Anthony and Christ Child Ornaments; more Printed Sheets and specially priced Combo packages

No. 7: New Downloads: Five Angels Nativity, Victorian Nativity, Twelve-pointed Star, Twelve-pointed Star No.2, Twelve-pointed Star No. 3

No. 8: Just in time for Easter, you'll enjoy creating the Diorama of the Resurrection, just one of our many exciting new offerings that include The Santa Maria Novella Nativity, the Manger Scene, the Bell Nativity, the Pine Tree Nativity, and the 12-Pointed Star Nativity No. 3.

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