Santa‘s Little Friends
Large, Victorian Santa ornaments with gold accents on heavy cardboard; gold cord for hanging or tying; 9" inches high.

Two little girls — one nestled in Santa‘s arm — are out for a stroll — or is it Christmas caroling? — with St. Nick…
You won't want to miss a single one — the whole Victorian Santas collection.

There's no need for sleepy eyes to stay up past midnight to see Santa.

Besides, why settle for justone Santa when you can have six? Our collection, which makes perfect Christmas tree ornaments or gives a room a wonderful yesteryear decor, will add a perfect touch anywhere in your home.

This collection of re-issued vintage pieces, includes six 9" high Santas, of sturdy cardboard, printed on both sides, with gold highlights: By one — or buy them all (Left to right, top to bottom, at left):

MidnightSanta— ever so quietly —is about toplace a doll in the sock of a slumbering little girl.

Christmas Tree Santacarries an evergreen flocked with snow.

Wicker Basket Santatakes a load off his back by handing out toys.

Santa And Friendsshows a trio of walkers.

Fur Hat Santa,bundled up for the cold, is resting his heavy load on the snow.

Hooded Santa
holds a small Christmas tree and carries a satchel full of toys.

We chose to hang our colorful Santas on our Christmas tree, but that doesn't mean you have to.

Our collection gives that special, yesteryear, touch to Christmas garlands and wreaths. Our Six Saint Nicks will brighten a room by simply hanging, anywhere, by their golden threads.

And there's no worrying about getting the right-side to show: all the Santas are printed on both sides.

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Santa‘s Little Friends
You'll love this double-side, sturdy cardboard ornament…
Price: $3.99
Size: 4 x 9 inches.
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