Large Christmas Crib
Re-issue of the classic J.F. Schreiber paper model to cut out and assemble…

The Large Christmas Crib features a portico, a bay window, and an arched manger…
Schreiber-Bogen Kartonmodellbau's classic Large Christmas Crib.

Even as a child I knew there was something special about J.F. Schreiber paper models, and the Large Christmas Crib proves it.

It isn't just the superb art — mouseover the Holy Family Image, above — but the fine construction that model lovers the world over find so appealing.

This is a large nativity scene, a table-top model that, assembled, creates an enclosed manger.

This model also includes, besides the requisite ox and ass, sheep, a ram, and various plants to be arranged as you like.

There are six beautiful sheets printed on heavy paper.

You'll love cutting and assembling each and every one of them!

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Large Christmas Crib
Six wonderful sheets create a superb paper model of the Nativity…
Manufacturer: Schreiber-Bogen
Price: $17.99
Size: 15.35 x 13.75 x 8.66 inches.
Sheets: 6
Skill Level: Easy
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