Cuadros del Rosario Nativity Sheet
Spain's Antonio Garcia shares "Rosary Boxes," a delightful vintage nativity. And, at 300-dots-per-inch, it'll be just as beautiful as the vintage original…

This Spanish nativity sheet measures 12.25 x 8 inches, so you may have to reduce it slightly to have it fit on letter-sized paper…
Cuadros del Rosario diagram showing nativity assembly.
As the assembly diagram (left) shows, setting up your Cuadros del Rosario Nativity is easy.

After cutting all pieces, score along all dotted lines.

Fold towards on center of manger back piece. Fold all tabs towards the back side.

Attach arched front to each side of manger back; roof to top of manger back and top of front, as shown in the diagram at left, and above (mouseover the small thumbnail at top of page to see a larger diagram).

Attach Gloria Angel, the two putti on manger front as shown, or as you'd like; do the same with the star, attaching it to the roof or manger back.

For a more permanent display, you may wish to attach all other pieces — Holy Family, Shephereds, Lamb — on construction-type paper of an agreeable color (brown, dark green). In which case, all your pieces would stay, well, in one piece.

Or, if you'd like to be able to rearrange your nativity, do not attach them to a base at all.

Have fun.

¡Muchas Gracias, Antonio!

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sunnymum -
This is our family favorite! Thank you for sharing.

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Cuadros del Rosario Nativity Sheet
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