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Santi Auguri!
You'll want to read every word — but you'll have to know Italian, or have access to an Italian dictionary or Web translator. But you'll buy this book so just so you could enjoy looking at all those beautiful nativities…
Santi Auguri!
Elisabetta Gulli Grigioni
The Co-Author of Santi Auguri! holds a degree in literature, but her subject is the human heart: she speaks eloquently about its capacity to love, to hate — and to embrace, acting as a manger, if you will, for Christ. Noumerous art objects, many featuring the Christ Child, adorn her elegant Ravenna apartment. Come along for a morning visit to the world of this extraordinary philosopher, collector, teacher, and author.
Vittorio Pranzini
Santi Auguri! Co-Author, Educator, Collector

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Unusual scenes—just look at that blazing cauldrons!—distinguish this "Personaggi a Presepio" nativity sheet printed in Italy.

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