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Pat Koogle


A generous gift to from enthusiast Pat Koogle, this vibrant crèche features figures attached to a cardboard base. Note that
the manger front is raised on a brick platform, so that Mary, Joseph, and the Babe would not be obscured by the front figures.
You open a large envelope to find not one, not two, but three beautiful nativities. From a total stranger! But there's also a letter from a woman you've never met, and that touches your heart…

A variation on the same theme — a different manger façade and a wooden fence — another wonderful present from Pat Koogle.
Dear Alexis,

I am so very glad to be able to bring happiness to someone.

Yes, I too grew up with a large family-poor in income but so very rich in love. There were 5 of us in a family- I have one brother and three sisters. Daddy only made $18.00 a week and one weeks pay went to pay the rent on the company owned house we occupied. Mother never worked out of the home and so we were always surrounded by her love. The nativities I sent you came from her side of the family. They were given her by an aunt who had so many lovely old german christmas items. I kept two and when I unpack them closer to Christmas I will let you know and if you want to photograph

them will send to you to copy. Yes I remember making what mother called Flour paste for our scrapbooks and paper projects such as paper chains we put on the tree during those lean years.

When I was 18- I married and wonderful man and just two years ago after sharing our lives for 44 years he passed away. He was of all things a rodeo cowboy (Rode Bulls and bucking horses and when injuries kept him from riding he learned to do leather work such as making saddles,bridles,etc. We both loved horses and for many years always had horses and cattle ( We farmed for about 28 years -raised just about any kind of horses that there was- We had throughbred horses that we raced -then we had draft horses and did most of the farm work with them,etc. Of course we always had a quarter horse or two around.

Well that old cowboy is the one that really started me into collecting old Christmas items. I of course had the ones from my family and he donated the ones he had from his side. Then since we both loved going to auctions-he got me started in buying any and all types of Christmas items- Everything from ornaments-lights-trees,all types of Christmas garden items, and a lot of different nativity items. We had some of the most wonderful Christmas's together because he would help me set up the items and then would tell me -Now turn of the lights and let's just sit down here and enjoy.

However- since his passing and my moving into the house in town I have no room for all of the items so I decided to downsize and let other enjoy and share my Christmas items.

Of course the really special ones that meant so much to us both I will always keep and use each year . I start right after Thanksgiving to decorate and put up about 4 or five trees-each with a special meaning and trimmed with love and memories.

My brother and sisters are all still alive and even though I never had children I do have lots of wonderful neices and nephews and so we all get together and visit each other during the holidays .. Family and Christmas just seem to go together.

Yes Alexis- lets all work together and perhaps teach others in this world that Love and understanding go such a long way.

As far as sending these items to a stranger- I only had to read your messages to see that you are a wonderful loving and caring person- and the world needs more like you.

Yes Alexis- lets all work together and perhaps teach others in this world that Love and understanding go such a long way.

Again- As I go through boxes and find anything I think you would like to see be assured that I will share them with you.. I have been selling items on E-Bay as I come across them as I am still sorting things out from my move. In addition to all our furnishing- I also have the entire contents of his leather shop, many antiques we had gathered up and a lot of stuff from our farming operations so as you can see what a pair of pack-rats we were. Well I have said enough about me.

I really would feel guilty in taking money from you since you will love these types of items and that to me is so much more important than anything-so the Nativities are yours A GIFT- from one Christmas lover to another.

Do not send me any money - Just enjoy and cherish them. And have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas.


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Crèche enthusiasts love discovering variations of a favorite nativity and always delighted with the inventiveness of the artist.

The Holy Family and the shepherd boy figures in Pat Koogle's Nativity are the same in the Gables Nativity.

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