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Gables Nativity 1
Three snowy peaks and figures reminiscent of other nativities

Three snow-covered gables create a distinctive manger that houses The Nativity. On the porch, Magi and shepherds adore the newborn Son.
One of many variations of this nativity: the figures are the same, but the setting is different.

This wood carved nativity, from Judy Davis' world creche collection, by Zambian artist Oscar Seke, substitutes an elephant and a rhino for the traditional ox and ass. It was commissioned in Botswana in February 2002, and became part ot the collection in August of that year.

Gables Nativity
11.5 x 7.75 x 3.75 "

Clever publishers kept their wares looking new by publishing variations, and the Gables Nativity is a good example of this marketing approach to keep aficionados coming back for more.

Compare the crèche Pat Koogle donated to (at left) with the Gable Nativity, and right away you notice that the Holy Family figures are the same in both. And so is the shepherd and shepherd boy.

What's different — figure-wise — is the absence of the kneeling Magi, at left, and the addition of the two standing Magi to the right.

The Koogle crèche sheep is now behind a picket fence in the Gable Nativity, and the Koogle wide-leaf foliage is replaced in the Gables Nativity by tall palms.

But the biggest change, of course, is in the manger itself: a stone-and-wood construction has been replaced by a splendid house of three gables.

Even the Bethlehem star — so prominent and comet-like in the Koogle crèche — has been replaced by a simple gold star, and one wonderrs if a previous owner didn't just attach it?

Die Cut Figures
The construction of the Gables Nativity — and the Pat Koogle Crèche — makes the creation of endless variations possible: the figures are die-cut, and attached to manger narrow cardboard bands.

If you look carefully, you can see that, on the front panel, the shepherd, picket fence, and kneeling shepherd boy are all separate pieces.

This assembly method would give even another copy of the Gable Nativity its very own, distinct, look.

The Gable Nativity retains one of the nicest touches of the Koogle crèche: the red cellophane windows over-printed with gold stars.

You might be tempted to set a small bulb behind the nativity and heed the advice ofPat Koogle's late husband:

"Now turn off the lights and let's sit down and enjoy."

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