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1969 Prague Nativity


Prague buildings provide the backdrop — and house — The Nativity. Prague Castle's St. Vitus Cathedral is shown in the background at right.
Kubasta's 1969 Nativity unfolds to reveal three sets of buildings: a Gothic arch on the left, another arched doorway that serves as the stable in the center, and a lit, stone, building at right. In addition to all the figures populating the nativity proper, Kubasta added two sets of stand-up figures. The kneeling Magi, and the four musicians (a violinist, trumpet player, oboist, and cello player) who compete for our attention with a… singing dog! (The Bienes Center For The Literary Arts collection.)

Imprint: Orbis 1968; illustrations © Vojtech Kubasta; SG-V.Šenov; price 10 kopecs;

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