Fold-out Nativities
Vintage Nativity
Just two pieces make for easy construction

The Vintage 1940 Nativity features gold stamping and a two-piece construction.

Jennifer's Vintage Nativity is made up of just two pieces.
"TheVintage NativityI am sharing with you reminds me of my parents, who well remember the 1940's," says Jennifer Hooton.

"This nativity was made just a few years before my father was drafted to serve in World War II, at age 18.

"It comforts me to know that such an emblem of peace was created at at time when the world was in such turmoil."

Jennifer's Vintage Nativity is made up of two pieces, as shown in the image at left.

The top image makes up the manger front, side walls, and back.

The Holy Family is then inserted into slots A and B.

Download, print, and cut-out Manger and Holy Family pieces.

On Manger, cut along yellow lines, score along blue and red fold lines.

Fold towards you along blue lines, away from you along red.

Slightly overlap Manger right front over manger left and attach.

Insert Tabs Aand B of Holy Family piece into slots A-B of Manger side walls.


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iggylover -
Thank you so much for sharing this!

I look forward to making this beautiful scene.

js4mr -
Been searching for this one to make a replacement for the one my mom had as a child (i had a few tattered pieces of the original to go by) thank you!!

Pussywillow -
Thank you so much! This is my favorite of the bunch--nice faces on the Holy Family, and easy to cut out & construct. I've printed miniatures to use as ornaments and have been showing everyone I meet and passing on the website :).

Shabbo -
Thank you Jennifer. I did get round to making this creche and I've posted a picture of it on my Photobucket account. Hope it meets with you approval:¤t=2012_1114moremodels0029.jpg


escaflowne1969 -
tanks so´s amazing

sweetsharp -
Thank you,Miss Jennifer! My mom love it!

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Fold-out Nativities
Vintage Nativity
 Jennifer Hooton Free Download
One sheet of paper + two nativity pieces = easy assembly!
Price: FREE!
Size: 5.75 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches.
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