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A "Christmas Church" becomes the setting for a nativity scene

Raphael’s Madonna is found on the back wall of the Julekirke.
The plain, paper, rose window of the Julekirke...

...Could be transformed into translucent, "stained glass," by cellophane.
A Ballerman & Son paper stand-alone model could become a Crèche Tree ornament

This unique Ballerman & Son Julekirke sheet (see photos, above) needs to be mounted on heavier stock before assembly.

It could stand alone as an unusual accent piece; it could house a 3-D or paper nativity; or, at a 50% reduction, become a lovely Crèche Tree ornament.

Its high tiled roof — pierced by ten gables and topped by an Irish cross — gives this Julekirke its distinct look.

Four flying buttresses crowned by tiles add architectural interest, and another set of Gothic arches — not quite visible on the finished model — divide the inside of the church in two.

A round and two square openings on the back wall allow light to enter the church. This was the reason I decided to turn the paper rose window of this model into a three-dimensional (with the addition of a curved frame) "stained" glass version featuring red, green, and yellow cellophane panes.

The Raphael Madonna painting on the back wall would be obstructed by the nativity scene figures in a reduced Crèche Tree scale. You could cut it out, and substitute a cellophane window that reveals a Bethlehem backdrop.

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