Brandyská (Brandy's) Nativity Sheet
A vintage promotional nativity from the Czech Republic

Can you spot the "product placement"—chicory coffee and brandy—in this vintage Czech promotional nativity?
Brandyská Cikorka A Zitná Káva Company Nativity.

Unknown artist; original size 12.5 x 9 inches (32 x 23 cm); published circa 1930s; published also by Cikorka a zitná káva Hradecká company, but with different "gifts."

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Kathy Hiatt -
I just downloaded this last night, so I have a few hours of cutting and putting this together. It will surely be a conversation piece on my mantel this year!

hablina -
Díky za krásný betlém, ležím s chřipkou a vystřihováním si krátím dlouhou chvíli

PMK translation from the Czech: Thanks for a beautiful crib. I'm down with the flu, and cutting out—my long time hobby.

Dreamer -
It's standing beneath our christmas tree now; love it!

séra Jozef -
Od letošních Vánoc bude jeden betlém taky na Islandu v Stykkishólmur. :-)

[Now there will be Brandy's Nativity in Stykkishólmur, Iceland.]

JozeTi -
Wonderful one, thanks for sharing!

And not Brandy (drink) but Brandýs (town in the Central Bohemian region in the Czech republic)!
The whole advertising is on coffee substitutes (chicory and rye coffee) made in a factory in Brandýs upon Labe/Elbe).

jorginho -
OBRIGADO!!!! [Thank you!]

jrgl21 -
Muchas gracias y muchas bendiciones.... [Many thanks and many blessings....]

nadondarwin -

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Brandyská (Brandy's) Nativity Sheet
 Milan Zábranský Free Download
Milan Zabransky and his friends at the Association of Czech Nativity Makers are pleased to share with you this vintage promotional nativity.
Price: FREE!
Size: 12.5 x 9 inches.
Format: PDF
File Size: 24.5 MB
Downloads: 4,931
Provenance: Chechoslovakia
Courtesy: Milan Zábranský
Price Guide:
Such vintage sheets are for sale elsewhere for $60.

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