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An advertising nativity promoting coffee substitutes

Just the flower-bedecked stable alone would make this a stunning nativity. But look at all the other figures, so masterfully arranged for maximum use of every square centimeter of this advertising sheet.
Unknown artist; published by Franck-Perola, Pardubice, circa 1933; 15.74 x 12 inches (40 x 30 cm).

Milan Zábranský's framed Franck-Perola diorama.
Side view showing the diorama's 5-inch depth.
A museum-quality diorama

Milan Zábranský's framed nativity dioramas would be at home in any museum.

This professor of Engineering is a perfectionist, and no detail escapes him.

He even mounts the name and logo from the back of the nativity sheet on foam core, and carefully cuts it out to create a sign for his diorama (see left).

A side view is included (below) as well, so you can see that, in order to create just the right 3-dimensional effect you'll need some depth.

Milan has added a nice touch by painting stars on the blue paper that covers the side walls and ceiling.

Milan gave his diorama added dimension by creating the floor in two levels.

On the lower level he arranged (from left to right) a crow, two pheasants, sheep, a two goats, and a donkey laden with—what else?—Franck-Perola products.

Milan placed the rest of the pieces on the second level, and the angel he secured against the back wall, high above.

What a beautiful presentation. I wish you could see it, as I did, in real life.

Milan Zábranský Collection

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