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Download, print, and assemble the Perola "Advertising" Nativity Sheet, courtesy of Svatava Vizinová and Zabrdské Betlémy…
A letter from Svatava
“Crèches are opening all hearts”

Czech merchants would hand out nativity sheets at Christmas. This Perola advertising sheet is certainly a lovely depiction of The Nativity, but it is also a promotional piece for Perola flour and coffee. Can you spot all the Perola Co. producuts? On a camel, laden with coffee?; an elephant, dwarfed by two huge sacs of flour? A turbaned woman carrying a tray of coffee? A King of the East approaching with with a bag of flour?

Dear Alexis,

Many thanks for all your kind words. I thank you for your present, very beautiful nativity scene. It is remarkable, exceptional. I like it very, very much. Thank you.

When I've sent you, last time, my little present, you wrote,"What have I ever done to deserve it?" Well, my friend, you gave me more: beautiufl crèches are on your website, so the ball was on my side of playing field… That's why.

I send you some little things, now: LodheÅ™ovsky Betlém—crèche from a little village LodhéÅ™ov, it is here, in South Bohemia, near JindÅ™chův Hradec town. Original of it is in Museum JindÅ™chův Hradec (here is also the gretest nativity scene in the whole world, made from wood name, "Krýzovy Jeslicky."

This nativity scene I'm sending you, were drawing in the beginning of 19 century. Museum its printed now, in Christmas. It is good present for collectors, lovers and the others, isn't it?

2. Some copies of Morach-verlag (press), Prague. Are from 1850-60 years, it was a steel-engraving, then colored (by hand, of course) and then they were going to the world, for the sale. Color was only basic—red, blue, green, yellow. In first years it was steel engraving, then latstly lithography, then woodcut.

3. Two copies Advertising Crèche, you can see "logo" of firms and products. They were printed in the 1930-40 years of last century. I think it is "Czech Specialty." :-) The are touching, now… Where are children, which received them in shops? It was a present for them. They received it free, gratis. Well, good intent, aim. In my collection I have 12 different Nativity Sheets of this sort.

[Svatava's present, thePerola "Advertising" Nativity Scene is available as a free download, courtesy of Zabrdsé Betlémy and Svatava.]

A coin, to preserve a friendship.
Now I send you a little coin, the lowest value. It is only a symbol: you've sent me a cutting knife. In past times were in our countries such superstition: between friends is not possible to give a knife (scissors, needles) like a present. Bad luck! The friendship wold be cut, clipped, lanced. (I love myths, legends, superstitions, traditions, old stories also.)

Of course, you are very smiling now… Well, this coin is only symbol, I believe, with power, potency. Now I've "bought" this knife… all is in order… I feel peace… I can use your present. :-) Thanks, friend.

Dear Alexis, to call me by telephone, it is for you to throw your money "into the wind." It is a pleasure to hear your voice, but since English is going into my brain through my eyes, (and dictionary!), through the ears it is for me a bad way…

I was successfull to find on your Web your talking about me. Well, it was unexpected! I thank you for all your kindness, goodness. Thanks. From deep heart: thanks. You are very kind to the others. I know why crèches are opening all heart. Correction: they are only knocking on all hearts. They are only knocking on all hearts… To open is necesary from inside, only inside is handle, door knob. I think. And it is not for everybody a gift. You have it.

There was a very strong wind last days, hurricane. Many hours without electricity, light only from candle, time for thinking. Meditations. It is calm time now. Much of snow. No wind. Peace.

A bit of beautiful statistic: to this day were here 3,138 visitors… 22 nativity scenes are waiting for scissors on staircase, 18 for skewers and pins, the others are prepared for installation. Lucky numbers… are not they?

Well, for the way to the heaven you probably need wings and dreams… but hands are also necessary.

So, I think it is a long letter…

With many regards, Yours Sincerely,


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