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Monastery of St. John the Divine
16th Century Nativity Icon by Yiorgos Kiontzas

Considering that it's a miniature, this close-up of The Nativity is remarkable in its detail—Monastery of St. John The Divine, Patmos, Greece.

The Patmos triptych—three panels depicting scenes from the life of Christ. (Monastery of St. John the Divine, Patmos, Greece

An icon of the Dodekáorton: "The Twelve Great Feasts" of the Orthodox Church Calendar

This image of The Nativity is remarkable in its detail, considering that it's a miniature, part of a small, three-paneled icon of the Dodekaorton.

The Dodekaorton (Twelve Feasts) refers to the twelve Theophanic (appearing as God) Feasts of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which are depicted on this triptych.

The left panel

Our visual story, if you will, begins with the Annunciation at the top of the left panel, and is followed (left to right) by The Nativity; The Presentation of the Virgin; The Baptism of Christ; and The Raising of Lazarus.

The center panel

Christ Enthroned takes center stage on the center panel, followed by depictions of the Feasts of The Entry into Jerusalem (or Palm Sunday) and The Transfiguration.

The right panel

The Crucifixion (top); The Ressurection; The Ascension; Pentecost; and The Dormition of the Virgin.

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