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21st Century Icon of The Nativity
In the manner of the Theodoros Poulakis Nativity of the Cretan School

Theodoros Poulakis' 17th century Nativity (Monastery of St. John the Divine, Patmos, Greece) has inspired this modern icon. (The Orpheus Gallery, Monastiraki, Athens.)

Detail of The Nativity, by Theodoros Poulakis, Monastery of St. John the Divine, Patmos, Greece.
An iconographic tradition

There's good reason why Byzantine icons of the Nativity look alike.

That's because the precepts of Byzantine iconography became encapsulated in a canon that governed religious images.

Even today, while visiting an iconography hermitage in the Holy Mountain, or an iconographer's workshop in any country, you will find strict adherence to Byzantine originals.

Iconographers, through the ages, have been inspired by the work of masters before them, and this icon of The Nativity is no exception, based on the 17th century Theodoros Poulakis original from the Monastery of St. John the Divine, Patmos, Greece.

The iconographer may have used softer colors and brush strokes, but his work remains faithful to the icon that inspired it.

This beautiful icon is a part of the Orpheus Icon Gallery collection of Byzantine masterpieces. When in Athens, you'll want to visit their art-filled store at 28b Pandrosou Street, 10556 Monastiraki, in the heart of Athens' colorful flea-market area. And do say, "Hello," to Demosthenes and Demetra from Alexis!

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