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Cauldron Crèche
An open-air hearth provides the setting for The Nativity

A tableau of The Nativity materializes out of thin air when the Cauldron Crèche pops up.

A ladder leans agains a side wall and back window features a crescent moon—side view of the Cauldron Crèche shows its construction.

One wonders why the publisher chose matte paper for this nativity when glossy stock might have accented it better.

But that's nitpicking: this is a beautiful nativity, whose front—when closed—features a snowy scene of pine cones and Christmas wishes: "Merry Christmas," and "Glory to God in the Highest, Good Will To Men."(mouseover thumbnail, top right):

Once opened, a beguiling tableau of the Nativity pops up.

The setting is an open-air manger, partly covered by a thatch roof that leans to the back, cleverly aided by round metal coin-sized weight.

From one of the roof beams is hangs an adjustable hook, and from it a bubbling cauldron — hence the crèche name.

To the left of the cauldron stands a turbaned black Magi holding his gift, a gold-sheathed dagger hanging from his waist.

To the right of the cauldron stands Joseph, seemingly holding his beard — an allegory, perhaps, to his puzzlement at the unfolding miracle.

The Virgin is seated holding the Child, and is flanked by a kneeling, white-haired Magi offering his gift and a shepherd-boy holding his crook, resting his arm on his chin.

To the front of the Mother and Child is the hay-filled crib, a shepherd holding a sheep, and another kneeling Magi, resplendent in his crown and red cape, accompanied by gifts and fruit.

A ewe and ram rest to the extreme left, and a ladder leans against an opening of the manger wall.

The Star of Bethlehem shines above, the ox and ass lean forward from their stall, and a crescent moon is seen through a window in the back wall, a cut-out from the blue cellophane that covers it.

Palm trees and other vegetation frame the background, and a spring gushes from the greenery on the right.

The side view of the Cauldren Crèche (above), shows its construction.

Crèchemania Collection

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