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Seven-pointed Star Crèche 1
Incredibly delicate, beautifully die-cut and embossed

This image does not convey the delicate nature of this small nativity: the tiniest palm fruit and the laciest tree leaves, beautifully die-cut and embossed, the fragile, 1.75 inches high figures, the intact seven-pointed star…

If I'm almost afraid to hold this delicate nativity, I wonder, what nimble fingers put it together?
The manger front; the shepherd and kneeling Magi at left; and the standing shepherd and sheep at right are attached to the back wall with the thinnest, slmost unseen, tabs.

When the Seven-pointed Crèche 1 is unfolded, the 3-D effect is magical, because there are seemingly no visible supports.

When the nativity unfolds, tiny figures, lacy-leaf trees, palms, Magi, and the Holy Family align just so, as if guided by an unseen hand.

Even the cellophane window is of the softest rose color, and you can imagine this beautiful nativity lighted by a glass candle.

But time, sometimes, does leave its mark, and the shepherd at left lost his right arm. But I gave him a new one, courtesy of the same, though much larger, figure found in theSeven-pointed Star 2 pop-up variation.

Crèchemania Collection

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