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Seven-pointed Star Crèche 2
intricate die-cutting and fine embossing

The base of the nativity is decorated with flowers and displays the greeting, in German, "Glory to God in the Highest!"
The intricate die-cutting of the front cover of this lovely crèche (see photo, left) only hints at the beauty that is about to pop-up in front of your eyes.

The front cover, accented in gold, features a spray of three blue flowers, and, in German, "Gloria In Excelsis Deo!"

It pop-up open to reveal a manger scene of rare beauty:

On the frist plane are three sheep, porcelain-like in their appearance, because this nativity features the softest of colors.

Two shepherds make up the second plane. A paving-stone step; a kneeling Magi offering incense; and two trees the third. The relief and die-cutting here has to be seen to be believed.

The fourth plane makes up the manger front, roof, and features a second kneeling Magi offering gifts.

Inside the manger stands an aging Magi with long, flowing hair and robes, the fifth plane.

The Virgin and Child—albeit obscured by the raised arms of the second Magi—create the sixth plane.

And the seventh, an extension of the front, contains the ass and the ox at their stable, on the left, while Joseph stands on the right.

A paned window is covered in light rose cellophane, and the open spaces above the animals with light blue. The colored light that thus floods the scene adds another dimension to this incredible nativity.

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