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Orchestra Crèche
A toy theater proscenium provides the stage for a nativity

A grand theater proscenium—complete with Corinthian columns, urns, statuary, and children's orchestra (not to mention goats!)—becomes the set for a nativity scene.
In this close-up view of the Orchestra Crèche, a majestic Magi is attended by two young, turbaned, acolytes, as all about him angels, flying cherubs, cows, sheep, and shepherds encircle the Nativity.
Do you, like me, have trouble keeping track of all those little pieces of table-top nativities?

By "table-top", I mean a nativity scene —in sheet or booklet form—that is meant to be cut, or punched-out and set on a flat surface (or a diorama).

Most often, no base is provided for attaching these cut-out pieces. In Christmases yet to come, those small figures, animals, and trees (over 70 in the case of "Christmas in Tyrol,") are sure to be bent or damaged— not to mention decrease in number.

A solution to this could be a fold-out creche—with all the pieces firmly attached. Created with Photoshop and a large J.F. Schreiber toy theater, this crèche is populated by the incredible multitude of figures of "Christmas in Tyrol."

This must-have cut-out booklet (published by Grand Angle) features a colorful paper nativity from the museum of Art and Popular Tradition, Innsbruck, Austria.

"Christmas in Tyrol" is truly a feast for the eyes.There's so much to admire, it's hard to take it all in. You'll find yourself discovering something new every time you look at it!

"Christmas in Tyrol," a museum facsimile, published by Grand Angle.

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