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Thurible Nativity No. 4—Icicle Nativity
Draped in snow, a wooden manger houses familiar figures

Icicles hang from the wooden roof of askeletal manger that houses a colorful Nativity in this classic German fold-out crèche.

"Glory To God In The Highest!" proclaims a die-cut banner attached to this embossed nativity.

A stable in brown tones contrasts with the colorful figures depicting the nativity in this German fold-out crèche.

A peak roof is covered with snow and draped in icicles. A ladder leaning against its left side, half buried in snow, makes us think of a farmer's shed. Indeed, the patched right side reinforces that image. On either side, thin stalks reach almost to the roof, their snow-covered leaves rendered life-like by the embossing. This is the first plane.

But inside, the splendor of the Nativity unfolds on a second plane: a Magi kneels on the left, bearing a jeweled box and holding an incense burner, clad in ermine; a second Magi in cloth of gold offers his golden crown on a red velvet pillow; a third black Magi, crowned in a striped turban, offers pearls drooping out of his jewel case.

The third plane depicts a kneeling shepherd, Joseph resting on his staff, the Virgin and Child, and the ox and the ass.

The fourth plane forms the manger wall, a wooden partition with a hay enclosure, that also forms the side walls.

You'll see many of the same figures adorning other fold-out nativities in our Crèchemania collection.

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