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Cherub Crèche
A tiny cherub peeks from a cloud

A dreamy snowscape serves as the manger of the Cherub Crèche.
This cherub close up shows the beauty of the art that may not be readily apparent in the image above.
Sometimes a photo just doesn't do justice to a crèche, and this is one of those cases: the image above should be at least twice as large so you can enjoy its fine detail and artwork.

An almost monochromatic brick manger wall—with two windows covered in amber cellophane—is the only unadorned surface on this vintage nativity that bears "Printed in Germany" on the bottom right hand corner of the manger front.

Fine artwork, and even finer paper, create a nativity that makes up in beauty what it may lack in stability: this crèche is printed on fine paper, and the die-cut, embossed, figure—and tree, and manger, and fence—pieces are then mounted on half-inch-wide strips that are then attached to the manger.

Made up of five planes, it features an unusual plane, above, featuring a tiny cherub set in bluish clouds.

The other planes—besides the aforementioned back manger wall—are: the manger front, with a winter scene of snow, trees, shrubs, berries, an embossed, applied golden seven-pointed star, two magi, and a wooden crib; a middle plane with the Holy Family; and two planes that extend with tabs in front of the manger: the innermost featuring a tree and a kneeling shepherd besides a fence, and an outermost plane with another shepherd, his dog, two sheep, a lamb, and a kneeling magi.

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