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Italian Nativity
The prototype of my very first nativity

Wooden planks cover the manger of this circa early 1900s Italian Nativity, creating a marvelous 3D effect.
Clearly inspired by the Italian original shown above, this 1950s Greek Fatni set me on a course to Crè
Imagine my surprise while visiting Vittorio Pranzini—co-author of Santi Aguri!—in Ravenna, Italy, to find a crèche resembling my very first paper nativity (see photo at left).

Since the provenance of the Italian nativity was early 20th century, and the Greek Fatni was published in the 1950s; and given the similarities of the two crèches, one assumes that the Greek artist was inspired, and was clearly influenced, by the Italian original.

The Italian crèche boasts richer detail and artwork, and major differences from the Greek Fatni. How many can you find?

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