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Thatched Roof Crèche
Soft colors and matte paper create a lovely nativity

This fold-out crèche from Germany features a thatch roof over wooden planks, and four planes. Be sure to check out Celso Rosa's more elaborate version, a more elaborate variation on this theme with six planes.
Tiny Stars pierce the sky above Bethlehem.
This crè crèche is a more modest version of another, more grandiose version, in the collection of Celso Rosa.

Our nativity is the usual box-shape, with the front of the box serving as the manger roof
and sides. This plane also contains Mary, Jesus, Joseph and a kneeling and standing shepherds.

Two Magi, on bended knee, are featured on a plane that extends to the front and is connected to the manger with tabs.

Inside the manger, at the left back corner, another Magi and his page also connect to the back manger wall with tabs.

And in the back manger wall, tiny "star" holes have been pierced—to shine with the light of a candle. (Or, just to be safe, a few Christmas lights.)

Crèchemania Collection

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