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Thatched Roof Crèche 2
A more elaborate crèche from the Celso Rosa collection

This ornate version from the collection of Celso Rosa features a roof that extends forward, adding realism, and includes angels playing harps at upper left. ( Photo by Celso Rosa.)
Celso Rosa's nativity features more planes and more fiugres—side view.
This Thatched Roof Crèche from the collection of Celso Rosa features more planes and figures than the simplerCrèchemaniaThatched Roof Crèche.

The side view at left shows the construction of Celso's crèche. Notice how the roof, part of the second plane, extends forward to cover the side walls of the manger. And if you look closely, you can see the tiny stars that punctuate the sky on the back panel.

Add a few more planes, a few angels, a couple of lambs and what do you get? A more ornate crèche that uses the same figures as its more plain version.

On the front plane, two Magi kneel.

Inside, on a second plane that also forms the side walls that extend outwards on either side (see photo at right), the Holy Family and two shepherds draw our attention.

In the back, the two Magi, as in the more plain version, are found.

And on the last plane, a magnificent view of Bethlehem draws our eyes.

And punctuating the sky above, tiny die-cut stars that could be illuminated by candlelight.

Celso Battistini C. Rosa Collection

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