Vojtěch Kubašta Stained Glass Christmas Card
A pop-up card, a gift of Dagmar Kubastovà Vrkljan, with Best Wishes

Magi carrying Christian symbols — an orb, an anchor, a Flaming Heart — decorate the Gothic-window-shaped front of the Stained Glass Christmas Card by VojtÄ›ch Kubašta.

A few cuts and folds, and your ready to add your very own Kubašta card to your collection—or send to someone special.
From the archives, and generous heart, of Dagmar Kubastovà Vrkljan—the daughter of VojtÄ›ch Kubašta—comes this lovely Stained Glass Christmas Card.

Gothic-window shaped and painted to resemble stained glass, it is slightly reduced from the original so it could easily fit in one letter-sized sheet.

Besides the Angel and the Star, the card depicts the Three Magi in Oriental dress carrying gifts.

But these aren't the traditional gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Leave it to Kubašta to picture, instead, the
globus cruciger (an orb topped with a cross), an anchor, and a Flaming Heart, thereby inviting understanding of these symbols.

The Orb symbolizes God's dominion over the world, and has been a symbol of rulers and kings through the ages. With his gift of an orb, the Magi is indicating that the Kings of Kings is born.

The Anchor is one of the earliest Christian symbols, found—along with they symbol of the fish—in the catacombs of Rome.

What unbelieving Roman could think that an anchor and a couple of fish were Christian symbols? Yet the fish—ICTHYS (ΙΧΘΥΣ in Greek)—is an acronym for Iesous Christos Theou Ios Soter (Jesus Christ Son of God Savior).

And the Anchor? A stylized symbol of the cross.

TheFlaming Heart is aChristian symbol ofhope and of God's love. The flame? God's divine light.

This variation—which also serves as your cutting and folding diagram—contains no greeting—so you can add your own personalized one, with your printer or your hand.

Of course, one does not have to be a religious, Latin, or Greek scholar to appreciate this beautiful nativity.

Print on best setting on your choice of non-glossy paper. Heavier weight paper is not required, since the card is folded in half and then folded again along the edges of the two halves of the Gothic window.

The diagram at left indicates all the cuts and folds. Please bear in mind that your PDF download's full-size image will make this process simple. Also, please mouseover the thumbnails at upper right to see a large image of the 3-dimensional card.

Cut al white areas outside of the card; white areas inside halos, star, candle flames, and ornament.

With X-Acto knife, cut along all red lines.

Score, using a scoring wheel or blunt edge, along yellow and blue lines.

Fold Card in half along yellow center line, making sure front and back align.

On inside of card, fold away from you along yellow line on each planter.

Now fold each front panel toward you along yellow line (or, in other words, along each blue line of card inside). You may have to trim the center of each panel just a bit—depending on the weight paper you've used—so that stained glass windows meet at the center.

Now, all that remains is to attach your color choice of foil between the front and back, under the Magi halos, Star rays, candle flames, and large ornament.

The original features two elliptical pieces of dual-colored foil: silver towards the front, gold towards the inside.

Three Variations

TheVojtÄ›ch Kubašta Stained Glass Christmas Card is available in three version: one with English greetings; one with blank inside; and one the original greetings in Czech. Download the one you want — or all three!

Use the latter for your own good wishes, in your own hand, or, use an elegant script and run the sheet through your printer a second time before assembly begins.

Thanks, Dagmar!

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Natalie -
Hello Alexis! Thank you for this download! I have some dear friends in CA who will be pleased to get a card from their native Czech artist. I enjoyed the interview with Dagmar Kubastovà, and I look forward to reading the "apartment" article, too! Merry Christmas!

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Vojtěch Kubašta Stained Glass Christmas Card
 Dagmar Kubastovà Vrkljan Free Download
From the Collection of Kubasta's daughter comes this beautiful pop-up card for you to download, cut-out, and enjoy. Design © Vojtěch Kubašta-heirs 2010.
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Vojtěch Kubašta Stained Glass Christmas Card in Czech
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