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Christmas Lantern
Download the Christmas Lantern and decorate its windows with colors of cellophane or stained glass windows you print on transparency film for a stunning look

Stained glass windows of The Nativity — printed on transparency film — shine in a Christmas Lantern that can be assembled in four variations.

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jacaja -
This is beautiful. Does the download include both the lantern and the stained glass windows as shown?

Thanks, Janet J

SuzanneK -
Please tell me what kind (weight/thickness) of paper to buy to make the lantern frame. Can I make more than one lantern from the download? I'd like to give them to family friends. Sue

Roger Lorentz -
Dear Alexis,
May I pay for downloading the Christmas Lantern by transfer in € to a bank account? I have no credit-cards.
Yours sincerely
Roger Lorentz

lady Viola -
Thank you so much! The lantern is absolutely amazing!

Dreamer -
I bought this beautiful lantern 2 years ago and now I finaly have the right material(couldn't find a place to buy the transparant paper) and the time to assemble it; I am making one as a gift for a Christmasparty and a second for another friend.

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Premium Downloads
Christmas Lantern
 A Créchemania Premium Download
When it's time to take down your Christmas tree, you just might not want to put away your Christmas Lantern — using it as a night light, instead (making sure the little bulb inside is a low voltage LED).
Item No: PMK No. 17
Price: $9.95
Size: 2.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 5
File Size: 6.4 MB
Skill Level: Intermediate
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