Cornucopia Angel
Gold-stamped, two-sided, heavy cardboard angel ornanent, with gold cord for hanging

Golden hair match a golden horn of plenty and the golden touches that decorate this Cornucopia Angel ornament.
The horn of Amalthea — the goat that suckled Zeus, king of the gods — was broken off by him when a child and became the magnificent Cornucopia, theHorn of Plenty.

Mythology tells us that cornucopia filled with food and drink whenever the child-god desired it.

This imagery has been brought down to us in the form of a horn brimming with festive fruits and vegetables.

As such, cornucopias have come to symbolize abundance and good fortune. In fact, in Roman times, the goddess Fortuna was depicted carrying a horn of plenty.

And so our Cornucopia Angel carries on this long tradition of abundance and good fortune.

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Cornucopia Angel
The golden horn of plenty of our Cornucopia Angel is filled with fruit, symbolizing abundance and good fortune…
Price: $3.99
Size: 4.75 x 7.75 inches.
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