Romantic Old Mill
Recreate the Old World with this 3-Dimensional model of a water mill

A lively scene is taking place outside the Romantic Old Mill, with a donkey almost to its knees by its heavy load.

Clear diagrams and step-by-step drawings guide the assembly of the Romantic Old Mill Model.
With special attention to detail — the water wheel, for example, isbeautifullyrendered in 3-D — and step-by-step how-to diagrams, you'll enjoy assembling the Romantic Old Mill.

Other authentic touches — I should know, I used to accompany mom mom to the mill as a child — are the fire-red tiles; the moss on the roof; the rich vegetation (mills were found in verdant river valleys; the miller,just inside the front door,carrying sacks of wheat on his back; the birds resting in the attic (there were always wheat spilling on the ground in unloading).

And, if there real water flowing from the chute,the wheel would turn. But, please don't try that at home!

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Romantic Old Mill
Three colorful sheets will give you hours of pleasure as you cut out and assemble this Romantic Mill model.
Price: $14.99
Size: 7.1 x 5.9 x 9.4 inches.
Sheets: 3
Skill Level: Intermediate

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