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Columbine Rhombic Hexcontrahedron
Wrap columbines around a marvelous solid

You'll love all those Rhombic Hexcontrahedron faces filled with bright columbines.

Columbines bloom in the garden — and on the 60 diamond-shaped faces of our Rhombic Hexcontrahedron.
Now that the holidays are over, here's a year-around paper ornament that looks toward summer.

We've taken a gorgeously-colored close-up photo of some columbines and wrapped them onto a shape known as a rhombic hexcontrahedron.

There are sixty diamond-shaped faces — groups of five arranged as concave stars —and twelve stars fitted together into this mysterious shape.

You could hang it on the tree, but you could also hang it close to a window where it will remind you that winter isn't forever.

Our Premium Download includes the three sheets of print files and step-by-step instructions.

All you need to is provide — besides the glossy or matte paper and a printer — are an X-Acto knife, scoring/embossing tool, a metal straightedge ruler, a T-pin, glue, a length of metalic cord, and patience.

This isn't a difficult project to assemble, but, the challenge is taking the time to make sure the scoring and gluing is precise.

OK, and a little finger finesse does come in handy!


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Columbine Rhombic Hexcontrahedron
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Don't let the "Experienced" skill level scare you: assembling those 60 diamond-shaped faces filled with bright columbines is more about patience than difficulty!
Design: Athanasios David Xenakis
Item No: PMK No. 21
Price: $5.99
Format: PDF
Pages: 3
File Size: 1.8 MB
Skill Level: Experienced
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