Svatava Crèche No. 5
A beguiling nativity from Svatava Vizinová, a free download to print, cut out, and display

Shepherds —holding braided bread, a lamb, and playing music on a reed intrument — adore the Christ Child in Svatava Vizinová's beguiling crèche.

Svatava Vizinová displaying one of her original paper crèches — Zabrdí, Czech Republic, home to Zabrdské Betlémy, Svatava's marvelous Museum devoted to paper nativities.
From the prodigious collection — and gifted brush — of Svatava Vizinová comes this Free Download for you to print, cut out, and enjoy.

On three 8.5 x 11 inch sheets — for easy printing — Svatava has assembled beguiling folk art figures of the Holy Family, a Gloria Angel, Shepherds and sheep, three trees, and the requisite Manger featuring the ox and the ass.

Suitable for nativity enthusiasts of all ages, Svatava Crèche No. 5 is as easy to set up as it is to cut out.

Attach a pin — or better yet, for younger nativity aficionados, a toothpick — at the back of each piece as Svatava does, and stick each piece on a styrofoam base.

Your styrofoam may be covered with cotton "snow," a gold or green (or your choice of color!) tissue, or even straw.

Arrange all the pieces as you like — Crèchemania's scene is shown above — and enjoy, courtesy of the generous heart of good friend Svatava Vizinová.

Thanks, Svatava!

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dolliemouse -
Thank you, Alexis! This is such a wonderful opportunity to have Svatava's hand-painted creche! I love her work, her artistry, her talent and her generous heart! I will always treasure this lovely testimony to the birth of the Christ Child! Carolyn

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Svatava Crèche No. 5
 Svatava Vizinová Free Download
From the gifted brush of Svatava Vizinová comes this delightful folk art nativity as a Free Download for you to print, cut out, and enjoy. Your finished size will vary with your arrangement.
Price: FREE!
Size: 15 x 12 x 4 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 3
File Size: 5.9 MB
Skill Level: Easy
Downloads: 2,129
Copyright: Crèchemania
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