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Bethlehem Nativity
Bethlehem, silhouetted against the hills of Judea, is the backdrop in this Premium Download of a vintage German nativity

The front folds back to create the roof and sides of the Bethlehem Nativity.
Side view of the Bethlehem Nativity shows the Gothic window that pierces the right wall.
Large enough — 5 x 5.25 x 1.5 inches — to show the nice details of this vintage German crèche, the Bethlehem Nativity is small enough to be displayed just about anywhere.

Three layers make up this fold-out nativity, and only three pieces are required, because the front folds back to create the roof and side walls.

Arched windows pierce the sides, and, on the left of the nativity front are depicted two shepherds, two sheep, and a wood fence. On the right, His long red cape billowing behind him, a turbaned Magi approaches, while his young page kneels holding a golden urn.

In the center layer, Mary envelops the Child in a protective embrace, while to the right Joseph stands, a hand resting on the ass.

On the left, the ox looks own from behind an enclosure, a Magi kneels, and his cohort stands, holding his crown on a pillow.

And on the back wall, in muted blues, Bethlehem is silhouetted against the hills of Judea.

A few cuts, a few folds, and you'll be delighted to add this lovely nativity to your collection.

Quality images to print out, and step-by-step instructions, are included in theBethlehem Nativity PDF.


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Bethlehem Nativity
 A Créchemania Premium Download
Add this vintage German fold-out nativity to your collection! Made up of just three pieces, it's easy to cut out and assemble, even for a beginner.
Item No: PMK No. 27
Price: $11.95
Size: 5 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 2
File Size: 1.8 MB
Skill Level: Easy
Copyright: Crèchemania

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