Boughs of Holly Die-cut Card or Gift Card
Deck your Christmas presents with this boughs of holly gift card, a Crèchemania Free Download!

This vintage die-cut Boughs of Holly card is shown more than twice its actual size of 3 x 5 inches.

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nohl46 -
The second page of the pdf file is missing.

Dealbaida -
This is so lovely, thank you so much for giving it. I printed mine out on linen card and shall add glitter and an edging of silver embossing powder. It will make the most beautiful Christmas card for my husband.

Thank You and Happy Christmas to you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Marion in the UK

mariajhones -
Very beautiful & nice. Thanks a lot!

Tnitemare -
The files do not open and I tried to contact you but I get an error when I hit send.

Alexis -
Dear Tnitemare, please download the file again.

— Alexis

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Boughs of Holly Die-cut Card or Gift Card
 Crèchemania Free Download
Print lots of Boughs of Holly cards — for gift tags or to tuck in a Christmas letter — and have fun cutting away between turkey bastings!
Item No: PMK No. 56
Price: FREE!
Size: 4 x 5.75 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 1
File Size: 597 KB
Skill Level: Beginner
Downloads: 2,613
Copyright: Crèchemania

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