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Christmas Rose Postcard & Card
A die-cut vintage original from the Crèhemania collection, a Premium Download for you to print out and enjoy

The Christmas Rose postcard, inspired by a vintage die-cut in the Crèchemania Collection shown much larger than its 3 x 5 inch actual size.
"Christmas Greeting," a sparrow, and a blooming rose amidst the snow.
In our garden, a small rose clings to its thorny branch, adding a splash of color in the snow.

Our rose bush has become Grand Central to all the neighborhood sparrows who perch in its branches waiting their turn at the feeder.

Watching them they reminded me of their friend posing in the vintageDayton Spice Miils Company, Dayton, Ohio.,die-cut card from the Crèchemania Collection shown at left.

This Crèchemania Premium Download offers three options: a postcard; a card (shown at left); or a card with a die-cut look which is achieved by trimming the blue background from the front top, right and bottom edge. (Mouseover the thumbnails on the top of the page to see all three versions.)

Whichever version you create — and you'll probably be tempted to try all three! — you'll love the nice artwork of a winter scene framed by a stone window, and a scroll illustrated by a sparrow and a blooming rose.


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Premium Downloads
Christmas Rose Postcard & Card
 A Créchemania Premium Download
Print this Crèchemania Premium Download like the vintage die-cut original — as postcard — or a card. Or reduce 50% or more, hang from a gold string or ribbon, and use as a special gift tag!
Item No: PMK No. 31
Price: $1.95
Size: 3 x 5 inches.
Format: PDF
Pages: 1
File Size: 725 KB
Skill Level: Beginner
Copyright: Crèchemania

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Christmas Rose Postcards & Cards Collection
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