Svatava Crèche No. 4
A Free Download from Svatava Vizinová, for you to print, cut out, set up, and enjoy

Although your files do not contain the bright background, I wanted you to see Svatava's presentation at her home and museum.
Svatava's Crèche No. 4 is as simple to set up as it is to display — the Zábrdské Betlémy original.
In South Bohemia, Svatava Vizinová welcomes crèche enthusiasts to herZábrdské Betlémy Paper Nativity Museum, filled to the rafters withhand-painted podmalba glass pictures,nativity dioramas, and nativity sheets.

Simple cardboard boxes (see photo at left) serve as Svatava's simple but stylish displays: walls of colorful paper crèches housed in muted cases.

We're please to share with you Svatava's latest offering to our Crèchemania Free Downloads. Svatava's Crèche No. 4 is sure to please the young and the young at heart.

Our Free Download prints on letter-sized sheets, and may be displayed in a variety of ways.

Svatava uses a styrofoam base and supports the manger, arch, and figures with pins. You might wish to do so as well, and you may wish to first cover the styrofoam with fabric.

Also provided are triangular supports that can attach to the back of the pieces and support them. (if you need more supports, cut them using the provided ones as templates.)

Thanks, Svatava!


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Zoraida -
Your art is lovely! I'm find this creche really beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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Svatava Crèche No. 4
 Svatava Vizinová Free Download
There are so many ways of setting up and enjoying Zabrdské Betlémy's Svatava Vizinová's nativity — all of them simple and fun!
Item No: PMK No. 55
Price: FREE!
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Courtesy: Svatava Vizinova
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