Advent Calendars
Three-Dimensional, Pop-Up Nativity Advent Calendar
Make counting the days until Christmas fun for the whole family!

The large size of this colorful 1960s pop-up Advent Calendar makes it easy for little fingers to open the small windows…
Run your mouse off and on the image above to open the window.
This large (13.25 x 10.75 x 3 inches) pop-up Nativity makes anticipating Christmas fun for the whole family.

Who's going to be hunting for presents when there are all these tiny windows to open?Open a window for each day of Advent — and find a surprise picture!

Run your mouse on and off the image at left, and see window No. 15 open to reveal a tiny nativity.

Or run your mouse on and off the image at left, below, to see that this Advent Calendar also contains a movable part.

This Nativity Advent Calendar pops-up to create a three-dimensional, arched manger.Lttle angels, animals, and children surround the Mother and Child. A boy holds a wrapped present for Baby Jesus, and, next to him, a little angel holds a lantern, while a donkey looks on with wide eyes.
Run your mouse on and off the image above to discover a movable piece little fingers will have fun with.
On a raised stone platform, the Mother holds the Child by a crib full of hay, and a little boy with his two baby lambs kneels. Another little angel offers daisies, and a bunny and kitty share a saucer of milk.

There are angels climbing stairs, feeding hay to an ox, playing a trumpet, holding candles,decorating a Christmas tree, and singing carols.

This vintage Advent Calendar was published in Greece in the 1960s, but over the decades has lost none of its charm or vibrant colors.

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Advent Calendars
Three-Dimensional, Pop-Up Nativity Advent Calendar
Enjoy anticipating Christmas with this vintage 1960s three dimensional pop-up Nativity advent calendar…
Price: $15.99
Size: 13.5 x 10.75 x 3 inches.
Copyright: Crčchemania
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