Printed Sheets
Bohemian Nativity Sheet
A 13 x 19 quality sheet, ink-jet printed using fade-resistant UltraChrome inks on professional media paper perfect for card modeling

The 13 x 19 Bohemian Nativity Sheet also includes a PDF of step-by-step instructions (shown at top, above).
A PDF with step-by-step assembly instructions and illustrations is included with your order.

The original layout of the vintage Bohemian nativity is preserved in the Bohemian Nativity Sheet.
Bohemian Nativity Sheet

There's so much to love about this 13 x19 inch Bohemian Nativity Sheet.

The brilliant color? The fine-quality ink-jet print using ektachrome fade-resistant inks on professional media matte paper?

The art?The small images at left do notdo justice to the 13 x19 Bohemian Nativity Sheet. Mouseover the thumbnails at top right, to see larger images.

Above the arched front, three little angels, half-hidden by clouds, are serenading the Newborn Child with trumpets and song.

Below, Magi clad in rich robes offer their gifts.

The front hooks onto the back by four tabs, so there's nothing to setting up the Bohemian Nativity.

Likewise, the Holy Family piece, attaches to the back wall by two tabs, as does the two sheep piece shown on its side at top left.

A lone sheep, munching away, hooks onto the tab of the front sheep piece, adding added 3-D realism, and bringing the layers of the Bohemian Nativity to five.

The back, shown at left, features a roof that slants upwards to cover the manger, a standing shepherd, a shepherd boy carrying a lamb on his shoulders, and a luminous angels pointing a child carrying another lamb towards the Nativity.

I don't know about you, but guess which paper nativity is going on this year's crèche tree first?

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Printed Sheets
Bohemian Nativity Sheet
When set up, this quality 13 x 19 Nativity sheet creates a large paper nativity that measures 10.75 x 7.5 x 1.75 inches. The instructions are sent to you as a PDF.
Item No: PMK No. 44S
Price: $16.95
Size: 10.75 x 7.75 x 1.75 inches.
Format: Printed Sheet
Sheets: 1
Skill Level: Intermediate
Copyright: Crèchemania

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