3-Dimensional Nativity Scenes
Greek Vintage 1960s Small Nativity
This rare 1960s paper nativity is simple to assemble: make four folds (along scored lines), place two pieces in slots — and enjoy!

Shepherds and Magi adore the newborn Child in this 1960s Greek paper nativity…

I thought I had seen the last of the Greek paper nativities — a 1960s crèche sheet from my youth.

I couldn't believe my eyes when, doing my regular Monastiraki flea market run in Athens, I came upon a stash of paper nativities.

From the 1960s, no less-when I boarded a ship to come to America.

In search of the paper nativities of my youth, I've looked inMonastiraki — a maze of antique, junk, and old book shops, tavernas and tourists — many times before.

No one seemed to have heard of a fatni, let alone have one for sale.

And then, hiding in plain sight, there they were: paper nativities! I couldn't believe my luck.

The problem, of course, was trying not to show my excitement, because then the price would have risen astronomically. (It's not unusual to pay 15 -20 Euros — that's almost $30 — for a small 1960s pop-up card.)

And some of these were quite large nativities.

OK, so their cellophane wrappers were a bit dusty. Once removed from their wrapping, they looked as though they came off the press yesterday. I wish this 50-some-year-old looked this good!

From Greece, after five decades, enjoy!

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3-Dimensional Nativity Scenes
Greek Vintage 1960s Small Nativity
So simple to set up, even a child could do it…
Price: $15.99
Size: 10 x 8 x 2 inches.

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