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Arches Crèche
“A crèche,” says Celso, "reveals the true meaning of Christmas."

Celso Battistini C. Rosa’s Arches Crèche is printed on just one piece of letter-sized paper.

The images above show how simple this crèche is to assemble: cut along red lines; fold on white; and insert Holy Family and shepherds pieces in "B" and "A" manger slots. (Download files do not include cut-out or fold lines.)

We're delighted to haveClube Amigos do Presépio founder Celso Battistini C. Rosa of Brazil share a vintage crèche from his collection.

"A crèche," Celso says, "doesn't just continue an old tradition — it reveals the true meaning of Christmas. Because it remeinds us taht the Babe was born for us all; because it allows us to recognize that God invited everyone — rich and poor, magi and shepherds — to the manger.

"When I was a child, I simply couldn't wait to put up the
Christmas nativity in our house. I kept asking my Mom if I could start,and she would say, 'We have to clean the house first; that will takeabout a month.'

"Do you know how long a month is for a child? I didn't understand why
we had to wait for so long to start decorating. Nowadays, I smileremembering Christmases past, and I tell my children, 'We'll startputting up our creches even though the house may not be clean!'

"And I try to instill in my children not just an appreciation ofnativities as art—but make them aware of their message…"

TheArches CrèchePDF includesthe manger, shepherds, and the Holy Family pieces, and can be printed on a letter-size sheet.

Thanks, Celso!

This small nativity may be printed on a number of available papers.Heavyweight matte paper (Epson S041257 works nicely), provides enough rigidity.

However, you may wish to use a more glossy stock which would give yourcreche more luster. But do stay away from “photo-quality”papers—they’re difficult to fold, and your crèche may curl with age.

Should your paper only come in lightwight stock, you can always attach it to a heavier base.

Cut all outside white areas of manger, Holy Family, and shepherdspieces. Using a cutting mat, cut out manger A & B holes and alongred lines.

Using a pounce wheel, pin, letter opener (or other blunt-edged tool) score along all white lines.

Folding & Assembly
The fold and cut lines—absent from your printed crèche—are visible in these images to facilitate our how-to instructions.

First, fold only a little along white line next to the left shepherd,pushing the adjacent arch away from you. Repeat for right shepherd andright arch.

Next, you’ll be inserting the tabs of the Holy Family piece into the“B” slots of the manger (so that slots “BB” fit into slots “B”). Toaccomplish this, fold along the two lines of the center arch,
ever-so-gently, pushing that arch to the back of the roof piece, whileyou are gently pushing the roof piece towards you, folding along lines“C.” Take a deep breath!

Insert the tabs of the Holy Family piece into slots “B,” adjusting the width of the manger as necessary.

Slightly fold back tabs of kneeling shepherds piece as shown, enough so that this piece will fit into manger slots “A.”

All these words—for such a simple procedure!

Enjoy your crèche, courtesy of Celso Rosa and Clube Amigos do Presépio.

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Mary's Owl -
What a lovely creche you have shared with us. Thank you so much.

konstantinos -
Thank you very much!!

leemoga -
two straight years of christmas ive been looking for a creche, but never found one where i lived, not even a bookstore which usually you could find one.. at last,found one and thoughtfully it's free...thank you senior Rosa.. Happy Christmas in advance!!

cinnamonpixiemom -
Beautiful! I can't wait to make it with my children.

uinsom -

[Thank you! Thank God for you!]

iphaki -
Really nice papercraft for Christmas! Thank you!

Andreina -
Thank you very much. I love this little scene. It gives us so much peace in our hearts.

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Manger Scenes
Arches Crèche
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We're delighted to offer you this vintage crèche from the Celso Battistini C. Rosa collection.
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